Lit Rater - SUP THING VOL2

Stream “SUP THING” (VOL2) by Lit Rater on Juss Russ Radio. Lil Rater is back with a new installment to his already popular “SUP THING” mixtape series, “SUP THING (VOL2)”. This 10-song Mixtape was released in the middle of May but has been receiving so much attention that we had to pull it on to our feed here at JRR. Now for those of you that don’t know, Lit Rater is an up and coming Hip-Hop talent that has been relying heavily on the usage of free streaming platforms in order to market his music and expose his talent to the world. After a couple of high quality mixtapes, and a couple near-breakout singles, the rising emcee has definitely been successful in creating a name for himself among the slew of indie and mainstream talent we see today. Standing out from the pack can be one of the hardest parts of the job, but for folks like Lit Rater it just seems to be an effortless part of the persona he carries. “SUP THING (VOL2)” simply serves to reiterate and reinforce the vibes that the rising Hip-Hop sensation has become so beloved for. He doesn't switch up much sonically, and really allows his lyrics and songwriting ability to take the forefront on this project. Not saying that the production isn’t exceptional, but none of the beats are so 808-heavy or obscure to the point that they take a way or dilute the points, stories, and messages that Lit Rater wants to convey. Follow Lit Rater on AudioMack to hear more music from the rising sensation. Stream “SUP THING (VOL2) by Lit Rater on Juss Russ Radio now.