LivingLifeMike - No Cap

Stream “No Cap” by LivingLifeMike on Juss Russ Radio. The emerging emcee out of Cleveland, OH more widely recognized as LivingLifeMike decided to release a new track for his fans on SoundCloud entitled “No Cap”. This track is an acoustic-driven Trap anthem thats all about the flex and letting your haters know that you’re serious about what you do. LivingLifeMike has apparently been the underdog for quite a while and is ready to get his respect in this music game. His sound is a wavy and melodic musical experience that the artist had worked avidly to hone in on over the last few years. The record has an extremely infectious beat that really sets the tone for the entire record and with the addition of LivingLifeMike’s secret sauce, this joint is a certified hit. The only thing left for LivingLifeMike to do is keep putting in that legwork and get a visual done for “No Cap”. The track is way too marketable, high quality, and relatable not be getting more buzz. Take some time to follow LivingLifeMike on SoundCloud If you want to hear more music from the up and comer. Stream ‘No Cap” by LivingLifeMike on JussRussRadio.

Braxton Harshaw

Braxton Harshaw is a writer for Artist Sounds and has been writing since 2016.