LOJO - Show Luv

Show Luv by LOJO

Listen to Show Luv by LOJO on Juss Russ Radio. LOJO shares his latest new song called Show Luv on Soundcloud and Juss Russ Radio got our hands on it. LOJO is a fairly new artist out of the Chicago, Illinois area and has quite a hip and well polished sound. Show Luv was featured on a set the MC released called New Ish.  Show Luv speaks on LOJO's ambition to be able to show love to the people God put in his life. Understanding that God put those people in his life for a reason, LOJO plans to intertwine destinies making a pact, that if he gets blessed, they get blessed. You can learn more about LOJO on Artist Sounds.

Quotable Lyrics

Just another day, Just another dollar, You know I'm tryna get the cake tryna get the guala, Money and the power, Always consume my mind, I take the stress away, By smokin on this pine, I'm feelin so divine - LOJO

Artist Sounds

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