LottoBandz - Simple Shit

Simple Shit by LottoBandz

Listen to Simple Shit by LottoBandz on Juss Russ Radio.  Simple Shit is a new song released originally on a project called Clout Messiah. We discovered LottoBandz on Soundcloud and he actually has quite a few singles released on the platform including some of his latest projects. You can stream more songs by LottoBandz on his official Soundcloud profile page. LottoBandz is rumored to be working on a new project in the future and new singles will be coming soon from the project. Stay tuned for new updates on LottoBandz. You can learn more about Simple Shit by LottoBandz on Artist Sounds.

Quotable Lyrics

Flexxin on em benching 300 , All my Niggas Gotta Get money, Why These niggas steady hating on em , whole time i keep the paper on me, Never change stay the same homie , stay in the right lane homie, do the dash go insane on the road, im balling out , I Fade away on em - LottoBandz

Artist Sounds

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