Love MoveMint Music - A Man (Dubstep Version)

Stream “A Man” the Dubstep version by Love MoveMint Music on Juss Russ Radio. Love MoveMint Music has become a familiar face here at Juss Russ Radio, and for good reason. Love MoveMint Music is one of the more modern and eccentric Electronic artists that I have come across in a long time and their new rendition to “A Man” demonstrates why perfectly. Love MoveMint has always had a niche for finding a way to flip and modify some of the hottest songs within the mainstream and create a mix that is unlike anything we’ve ever heard. It has been through much hard work and consistency that Love MoveMint has been able to craft their fan base and make something happen for themselves. They like to push the envelope creatively and do things that most artists or producers wouldn’t dare. Follow Love MoveMint Music on SoundCloud now to hear more music. Stream “A Man” by Love MoveMint Music on Juss Russ Radio.