Hattter - Trippin Space Ballz

Let’s get weird with the new single by Hattter. Stream “Trippin Space Ballz” by Hattter on Juss Russ Radio. Hattter is an EDM producer that has been killing the game as of late through his consistent and high quality releases on popular streaming sites such as SoundCloud. His soundscapes up to this point have been viewed as extreme, experimental and abstract. It’s artists like Hattter that push the music culture forward in various ways through their risk-taking approach to the soundscapes they produce. You can’t be afraid to mix things up or blend non-contemporary elements and genres of music, that’s when the magic happens. With a genre as vast and diverse as EDM, this is definitely what the game has been missing. Hattter looks to continue pushing the limits and boundaries of Electronic music as we know it today, and shows no signs of slowing down or letting up. Hop over to SoundCloud and stream “Trippin Space Ballz” by Hattter on Juss Russ Radio.