Doc Strange - MADE (LoveTheClinic)

Doc Strange

Listen to MADE by Doc Strange via LOVETHECLINIC on Juss Russ Radio. Making his debut on to Juss Russ Radio, Doc Strange is a hip hop recording artist looking to make a name for himself with honest lyrics and songs that you can bop to. MADE is a B Side teaser for Doc Strange's upcoming EP that aims to put you in his head space following a series of unpleasant interactions with exes and former associates. Production on MADE was purposefully minimalist so that emphasis could be placed on his vocals and lyrics. Instrumentation on the track features a simple, heavy-hitting drum pattern, soaring synths, and a warping, sinister bass line. With a number of purposeful singles waiting in the vault, Doc intended for MADE to be a statement record rather than a single, but still managed to lace the track up with an infectious hook that will have listeners coming back for more.


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