Luke Wynn - Be Original

Luke Wynn

Take a listen to be original by Luke Wynn on Juss Russ Radio! Luke Wynn is a outstanding Hip-Hop artist who is not afraid to take risks from Reno, Nevada. Rapper, Singer, Musician, Producer, Writer, and Audio Engineer; you can say he is a man of many talents. Growing up in a musical family, he was exposed to different musicians and artists. As a musician, he has played the drums for various local acts in Las Vegas. As a artist, he has released multiple projects as well as being featured on songs with the underground artist in California and Nevada. Be original is best summed up with the words of the chorus; "Tell me why they do the same thing. They say they're unique, but that ain't what it seems. Everybody copies, and their like i'm doing me, I'm just like Y'all the same, where's the originality, Huh?' To hear more from Luke Wynn be sure to give this a like and then follow him on Soundcloud.