LuvFromLex dropped a new song called "No Chill"


Drop what you’re doing and check out the song “No Chill” by LuvFromLex on Juss Russ Radio. LuvFromLex shared her first single on her new SoundCloud page and we are ecstatic about this newly discovered singer/songwriter. Alexis, who goes uses the alias ‘LuvFromLex’ as her stage persona is a 17 year old aspiring vocal artist who has a dream of becoming a star one day. She’s putting the work in to achieve her dreams and understands that the process takes time. She looks forward to the growth process and even making a few mistakes along the way. The world is poetic in a sense that as a human being your ups and your downs make up a complete story. You can’t have a complete story without both. Alexis loves to write and poetry is something she also enjoys making it easy for her to want to write and make music. This song has a lot of potential. For a song that’s called ‘No Chill’, it will definitely give you all the chills. Don’t sleep on this song or this artist. You can stream more of her work as she shares it by connecting with LuvFromLex on SoundCloud.