LYFstyle - Change

Take a listen to the song "Change" by up and coming Hip Hop recording artist LYFstyle featuring Breana Marin on Juss Russ Radio. LYFstyle makes his debut on to Juss Russ Radio with a melodic new rap single. Ever since he was a little kid, he's known he was destined for more, he knew he could accomplish so much more than the people around him. In 3rd grade he had his first role in a play and his parents realized how much he loved it. So they put him in more and more shows. In the summer 8th grade going to 9th he was 14 years old and he played the lead 'Jean Valjean' in "Les Misérables." He had beat out 3 male college students for the role. He didn't know he had the potential to be a music artist until fall of his 9th grade year. A kid released a diss track on his brother and being the older brother he was he released one back on the kid. It got about 15.6k views on SoundCloud without any promotions. People began asking when he would be releasing another track. Currently, he's working on an album that should come out around April of 2018. You can stay up to date by following LYFstyle on SoundCloud.

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