Malachi Productions - Cobain Pvrk

Malachi Productions

Listen to Cobain Pvrk by Malachi Productions on Juss Russ Radio! Malachi Productions is an young Alternative Rapper form Peoria, Illinois. Still in High-School, playing Soccer producing and writing songs with his brother Parker in his free time. Cobain is about a famous musician, Kurt Cobain dying by overdosing on drugs. Parker wrote the song and has a way with writing lyrics that have feeling and emotion to them. The song even though shrouded by death, has depth to it's lyrics. The style and over all production are top notch. Almost having a Cobain persona as if speaking from his perspective. It is edgy with perspective. Malachi Productions have led us to believe that future projects are close to release. Follow them on SoundCloud to be the first to know of the latest releases and projects.