M A N C H A R A Y - Lonely


Stream Lonely by M A N C H A R A Y on Juss Russ Radio. M A N C H A R A Y is a fresh up and coming R&B artist that has been on a mission as of late to spread his music to the world and build his brand within the indie music community. The R&B crooner dropped in earlier this month with the release of his new track titled "Lonely" and people have been loving it so far. The record was released intially to SoundCloud for free streaming to make it accessible to everyone. Musically tho, M A N C H A R A Y projects a very ambient and atmospheric vibe with his production choices. Vocally, he places you in the mind of The Weeknd or TyUs with the use of reverberation to give his music that wavy and infectious aesthetic. For more tunes from M A N C H A R A Y, follow his SoundCloud.