Maniak Muggee - Amilldreaming (Mixtape)


Listen to “Amillidreaming”, a new mixtape by Maniak Muggee. Maniak Muggee is a gifted artist reining in Kingston, NY now trending on Juss Russ Radio. "Amilidreaming" is the first official project by Maniak Muggee. Maniak Muggee has performed on many platforms traveling and sharing his craft in places like New York, California, etc. This mixtape "Amillidreaming" sounds so well thought out its hard to believe this is Maniak's first project. Showing off many styles and energetic bars as well as a delivery that makes it clear he is serious about what he's doing. Follow Maniak Muggee on his official Twitter account @maniak_muggee. Click the link above and add "Amillidreaming" to your playlist.