Marco Tha Great - Cruise Around Da World

Stream “Cruise Around Da World” by Marco Tha Great on Juss Russ Radio. Emerging Hip-Hop sensation, more widely recognized as Marco Tha Great dropped in with a new banger entitled “Cruise Around Da World”. His new single is a wavy and rhythmic jam that encompasses the vibe of smoking good ganja and sight seeing around the world while you’re doing it. There’s a large demographic of Hip-Hop fans that truly believe that “everything is better when you’re high”, a adage made most popular during the early 2000s by mainstream Rap star, Wiz Khalifa. Marco Tha Great looks to keep this energy alive for the millennial generation, and his new single has been serving as the perfect anthem to do so. Up to this point, Marco Tha Great has been relying heavily on monetized platforms such as Spotify to market his music and push his sound and creativity to the masses. He’s a versatile artist that refuses to be placed in one set box or genre, and always pushes himself to innovate the ways in which we hear and experience music. Follow Marco Tha Great on Spotify if you want to hear more banging tracks from the up and coming Hip-Hop maestro. Stream “Cruise Around Da World” by Marco Tha Great now on Juss Russ Radio.