Marco Tha Gr8 dropped a new song called "My Way"


Marco Tha Gr8 is back with a brand new jam called “My Way” on Juss Russ Radio. Marco Tha Gr8 made his first appearance on our music blog with a trendy record called “Cruise Around Da World” back in May. Today he brings the energy back full circle with a song that makes “Cruise Around Da World” seem old and antiquated. Marco Tha Gr8 really steps his game up in this one and the song simply reeks of potential. From the production, to the lyrics and the hook — you can tell Marco knows exactly what he’s doing and he knows what the fans and listeners want. He gives us a production that can easily be played loudly in the car or bopped out to at a concert. Either way its getting any situation turned up if it wasn’t already. Originally from Texas but now residing in Los Angeles, Marco Tha Gr8 is here to give the West some Southern Flare.