Matthew Carter - Don't Play

Matthew Carter a independent artist from the east side of Chicago who has created a buzz not only with his style and charisma from this most recent song. but with his versatile style of past productions.  Not one of his songs sound the same each one has a brilliant but different vibe. most Chicago artist seem to follow the same trend in making DRILL music. which is you know the same old same old. The song "Don't Play" is about a difficult balance between mixed emotions of hate and love, seeking social-media attention. with a smooth hiphop and R&B sound the song demonstrates how one can be confused with so many distractions. It is centered around a model who docent know the difference between love & loyalty from social media vs love &loyalty from a significant other. Don't sleep on this song or this artist. You can stream more of his work for free by connecting with him on SoundCloud.

Artist Sounds

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