Matty Gale - I'm Off Spain With A Grand And A Boat

Matty Gale

Take a listen to I'm Off Spain With A Grand And A Boat by Matty Gale on Juss Russ Radio. Matty Gale is a new Rapper coming to us all the way from England. The song was written to show his doubters, haters and people that mocked him where he is going. While they were laughing at him, he continued moving up and now they are in the same place but a big producer and two performing managers have hit him up. This only took him two days to write! Turning to the free music streaming sites such as Soundcloud to enable him a broader reach capability, he is now branding himself and unique style. To stay up to date with the latest from Matty Gale, be sure to connect further with him on Soundcloud.