Matty Marz - Voices In My Head (Feat. Home)


Listen to this hot new song by Matty Marz called “Voices In My Head” featuring Home. Aspiring artist Matty Marz is a creative artist from Merrick, New York making his debut on Juss Russ Radio. Matty Marz is an up and coming electronic folk artist/producer who combines all aspects of sonic landscaping and image driven synth work with visually fantastical aesthetics. This NY born and raised musician started his theatrical endeavors at the tender age of eight years old starring in local theater productions and stage works. As he grew, his musical studies turned to operatic and classical jazz training while honing his skills as a composer. By the age of fourteen Matty was dabbling in song writing and electronic music production, spewing and remixing songs to create a completely new sound. Matty is and has always been destined to be a great artist, continuing to grow and blossom into a gender bending, fantastical creature of art and music.