Michael Fang - DMS

Stop what you’re doing and stream the song “DMS” by Michael Fang on Juss Russ Radio. Michael Fang mixes his memorable rap style with catchy auto-tuned vocals, on every single track to create an explosive club record that will be stuck in your head long after the song ends. “DMS” is an acronym for “do my sh*t”, the words found within the hook of the song. Imagine you’re out clubbing with the squad & on the dance floor you meet your match. At that moment nothing else matters. It’s just only you, the music, and her. Michael Fang embodies his euphoric feelings of finding the perfect dance partner into DMS. Originally, this release was produced by TWINNS from Canada and written by Fang, but it was just left as an idea while they moved on to make other music. Fang, who recently started producing created this new track from scratch and decided to not let his feels for his dance partner to be left as “just an idea”. This is the first song that has ever produced himself. If you ever needed someone to party with, Michael Fang is your guy. His loudmouth energy and extroverted personality would classify him as the life of the party, any day of the week. Born Udeme Michael Afangideh, Fang is a hip hop artist from Dallas, Texas. In 2017, Fang graduated from Texas Tech University. While there, he spent countless hours practicing audio engineering and spent time finding himself and his sound. Fang and his “gang” threw parties so big, that once they got shut down by the local PD, they would move it to a backup location.. so you could say that he found something that he was good at. Him and his “gang” are all members of the music collective, Darcwav. For the past 7 years he has been rapping, performing, drinking & partying his tail off. Don’t sleep on his music!