Mikegotguap - Pronto Freestyle (Music Video)

Take a moment to listen to the song ‘Pronto’ Freestyle by MikeGotGuap in his first ever music video on Juss Russ Radio. MikeGotGuap originally made his debut on Juss Russ Radio with the release of his single ‘Plays’ back in July 2018. Reaching over 1000 organic listens on SoundCloud - many of MikeGotGuap's core fanbase was hoping for an official music video to 'Plays', but got an un-expected treat when MikeGotGuap dropped the 'Pronto Freestyle'. He shows off his lyrical capacity in this freestyle and will turn heads with his clever wordplay and original delivery style. Despite being the first, this certainly won't be the last time you see MikeGotGuap in an official music video on YouTube. Subscribe to his channel today!