Mikey - Fall In Luv

Stop what you’re doing and stream “Fall In Luv” by Mikey on Juss Russ Radio. Falling in love is something that I hope, at least at some point in time each and every person gets to experience. Now I’m not here to speak like the love doctor or be all in my feelings but love is an essential part of life whether you want to express that you need it or not, it’s just facts. Up and coming Hip-Hop musician more widely referred to as Mikey is here to tell you all about his experiences with love and the lessons he learned from those experiences as well. He offers a wise perspective as he is able to elaborate on this mistakes he has made in the past, the way he reconciled from those mistakes and what he plans on doing next time love comes his way. Reflection is often times more important that the action or moment itself and for Mikey to have a gift so pure as to the point he can break this all down in a way anyone could understand is beyond impression. Make sure you follow Mikey on SoundCloud if you want to hear more from his Catalog. Stream “Fall In Luv'“ by Mikey now on Juss Russ Radio.