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Million Dollar Mindset Jen From Brooklyn

Listen to Jen From Brooklyn's interview with Jen From Brooklyn on Juss Russ Radio. Jen From Brooklyn is a t.v/radio personality as well as editor in chief for Hot97. Catching a moment with Million Dollar Mindset, Jen From Brooklyn sits down for an interview speaking up on her inspirations, future goals and what keeps her going. Jen From Brooklyn gets personal in this interview on Million Dollar Mindset and even gives advice to those who haven't reached their goals or dreams but continue to work hard daily towards achieving them. She tells them you already have what it takes, just don't stop or give up. She says time and time again that the difference between those who are living their dreams and those who aren't can be easily broken down to who continuously works towards their goals and ultimately want to help the greater good. You can catch interviews of popular individuals and rising stars on the official Million Dollar Mindset podcast available on Soundcloud. Learn more about Jen From Brooklyn Hot 97 interview with Million Dollar Mindset on Artist Sounds.


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