Mizzy Manz - Bad Lover (ft. Xostopplayin)

Stop what you’re doing and take a listen to the song “Bad Lover” by Mizzy Manz on Juss Russ Radio. Mizzy Manz makes his first appearance on our music blog with a trendy Hip Hop record worth that second listen. Mizzy Manz is on a mission and ‘Because Stories Don’t Tell Themselves’, he has been hard at work staying consistent as an artist and building up his discography. One thing we noticed about Mizzy Manz is that he has a great foundation. He’s at the point as an independent artist the majority of artists are looking to get to next. He’s literally one hit record away from his life changing. We can’t wait to see and hear what’s next for Mizzy Manz, but one thing we know for sure is that he’s not stopping anytime soon. Don’t sleep on this or this artist. You can stream more of his work right now by connecting with Mizzy Manz on SoundCloud.