Mo Beatz - Alien Invasion (Instrumental)


Stop and listen to “Alien Invasion” an instrumental by a talented producer known as Mo Beatz. Coming out of Queens, New York Mo Beatz is bringing a new sound to the music scene. Nigerian- born Mo Beatz also released his LP album " Mo Better Beatz Than Blues" thatz packed with fourteen original tracks proudly published on his Mo Better Beatz independent record label. He is bringing that groovy & mellow sound. His beats are creative and you wont hear this sound anywhere else (it has original flavor).  Mo Beatz gives you that clean instrumental with a dash of melody teaching you that any real rapper/singer can turn something simple into a masterpiece. He want's the people to know that you can be melodic and experimental and still make a great hip hop album without sounding like anyone else. To listen to "Alien Invasion" right now just simply click the link above.