Morgan Coolson - Take Pt. 2

Stream “Take Pt. 2” by Morgan Coolson & Eric Spoke on Juss Russ Radio. Morgan Coolson is one of the more experimental and abstract EDM producers of today, and her eclectic approach to her music has set her apart from any glimpse of competition as of late. She recently dropped an ambient new soundscape featuring Eric Spoke entitled “Take Pt. 2” via SoundCloud. This song is yet again, a perfect demonstration of the direction that Morgan Coolson tends to direct her music. This song in a sense, serves as an instrumental journey through the illustrious mind of Coolson. The record carries no distinct lyrics, melodies, or hooks but rather functions to tell a story through its sonic arrangements and transitions. Follow Morgan Coolson on SoundCloud if you’re digging the vibe and want to hear more. Stream “Take Pt.2” by Morgan Coolson now on Juss Russ Radio.