Natasha Niycole breaks it all down in "It Wasn't You"

Stream “It Wasn’t You” by Natasha Niycole on Juss Russ Radio. R&B sensation on the rise more widely known as Natasha Niycole is here with a new vibe to keep her fanbase attentive and ready for whatever she has brewing for them this Fall. She recently put out a new single via SoundCloud entitled “It Wasn’t You” for free streaming. It seems like she’s been taking her time with releasing material by the looks of her catalog which currently only consists of one other single titled “1 in a Million”. With little content available to critique her as an all-around artist, her new single “It Wasn’t You” certainly provides enough headway for listeners to get their feel on Natasha. After my first listen, one thing and the most essential thing that I appreciate about Natasha’s sound and style is the fact that it’s not doused in autotune and comes from a real place. A place of heartbreak and pain that she has so gracefully transformed into the fuel that propels her music to new heights sonically. “It Wasn’t You” is a smooth and nocturnal styled production that allows the young talent to show just that, her true and raw talent. In a generation where engineers love to drench vocals in auto-tune and suck the emotion out of an artistic performance, it’s refreshing to know some artists still allow the vulnerability to shine through naturally. Stream “It Wasn’t You” now on Juss Russ Radio and give Natasha Niycole a follow on SoundCloud to stay in her loop!