NAWMS - Citadel


Listen to Citadel by NAWMS on Juss Russ Radio. NAWMS decided to deliver a fresh new R&B/Neo-Soul jam titled Citadel earlier this month exlusively to SoundCloud. NAWMS has been able to make a lot of progress throughout the year of  2016 with his consistent use of popular streaming services such as SoundCloud and YouTube to make his music more accessible. Citadel (feat. Foux) is NAWMS & Foux's first collaboration to date. The song embodies a dark but alluring and magnetic nature. Rich lo-fi synthesizers and downtempo rhythmic elements create the feeling of floating alongside the skyline. Foux's delicate but powerful vocals deliver the perfect contrast to the instrumental and shimmer throughout the track. For more NAWMS music, be sure to follow him on SoundCloud.