Newsom Music - Green Light (Lorde Remix)

Take a listen to the song "Green Light" remix by Newsom Music on Juss Russ Radio. Newsom is a 19 year old producer in college who decided to put a happier feel to the popular record from Lorde titled "Green Light". Upon first listen you can immediately tell that Newsom has been perfecting his craft for quite some time and has a good ear for sound. He not only produced a quality record but he took one that was already perfect and found a way to make it better and he did it by simply giving it a different mood/feel all together. Electronic production is very time consuming and requires you to look at each part and how it fits in the overall production. In this particular project it sounds as if Newsom new exactly what he wanted versus going the route of simply tweaking and changing pieces until he heard something he liked. You can stream this song and more from Newsom for free by connecting with him on SoundCloud.

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