Nick Nittoli - Gimme Da Money

Listen to “Gimme Da Money” by Nick Nittoli on Juss Russ Radio. Up and coming Rap artist Nick Nittoli dropped a new banger for his fans on SoundCloud recently called “Gimme Da Money”. The song has been going crazy and is already boasting over 77K organic plays on the platform. With the song receiving this much attention early on its safe to say that with the right push and marketing strategy behind it, this record could go viral before the end of the year. Serving as a money-chasing anthem for the young hustlers of the world, Nick Nittoli provides insight and game on how he’s been able to work his way into the radars of music listeners worldwide. If you enjoy hard-hitting Rap lyrics with catchy hooks and heavy bass then Nick Nittoli will definitely fit your vibe and style. Follow the emcee on SoundCloud to hear more tracks from his catalog. Stream “Gimme Da Money”’by Nick Nittoli on Juss Russ Radio now.