Nikko Savage - H.W.P.O

Listen to HWPO by Nikko Savage on Juss Russ Radio! It takes a lot to get people buzzing about a subject. It takes even more to impress skeptics. But an artist out of Mukilteo, Washington by the name Nikko Savage will have the world going bananas. His brand new timeless masterpiece called H.W.P.O (Hard Work Pays Off) is undeniably the hottest track in the streets. Hard work truly pays off for Nikko, and the track is nothing short of genius. Nikko's remarkable flow lyrical ability will be the only thing you need to listen to on a daily basis. HWPO will resonate with millions, not only in the states, but anywhere from the billionaires in Dubai, to the common folk in Australia. Catch more from this amazing artist and connect with them on SoundCloud.