NMB - Wassup!

Take a moment to listen to the song ‘Wassup’ by NMB on Juss Russ Radio. NMB is a Florida based recording artist from Chicago with a new passion for making music. The song 'Wassup' serves as his first single ever and for it to be our first time hearing of this artist we were really impressed. This song has a lot of potential to rise up in our indie Hip Hop charts. It will also be interesting to see how NMB follows up his breakout single. Would he make an official music video or drop another song? Is he working on an album? So many questions when your listening to a new artist but that's what makes the journey that much more interesting and anticipated. All NMB has to do is be himself and the rest of it will go however it's meant to go for the young artist. We recommend fans of Hip Hop and Rap to go get familiar with NMB.