Noel and Livel - Cosa No$tra (Song)


Check out this new song “Cosa No$tra” by a talented artist known as Livel. Coming out of Easton, PA the creative artist looks to take over the music scene. Livel started making music at a young age and has been improving as an artist every step of the way. Livel's father who passed in 2014 was a great singer and song writer. His father wanted the same for Livel but was abusive and sometimes beat Livel if his music didn't come out the right way. Now that Livel is older he makes his own decisions and went to the streets to put his all into his music. Livel wrote "Cosa No$tra" in a dark time in his life and now wants to share that experience with the world. To listen to "Cosa No$tra" right now simply just click the link above.