Nova-G aka Carolina 4Reel - My Turn

Take a moment to listen to the album ‘My Turn’ by Nova-G aka Carolina 4Reel on Juss Russ Radio. Nova-G makes his debut on Juss Russ Radio by way of South Carolina. Nova-G gives us a full 17 track album that features some quality records from the young recording artist. It's hard not to find something you like from this album. Some of our  personal favorites from the album include songs like "I'm My Own Man" and "101 Haters". These two records right there have plenty of snap, bop and when you turn it up in the car loudly you can't help but turn up and get loose. Drive safely of course when your listening to this album. Nova-G didn't hold back on this album and we can't wait to catch some official music videos from the project. Only time will tell where Nova-G pops up next - in the meantime follow him on Audiomack.