Omarcusgo - Should I

Take a moment to listen to a new song by Omarcusgo called ‘Should I’, on Juss Russ Radio. Omarcusgo is back and he’s better with a classic sounding Hip Hop record that offers up a lot more than your average rap track. From relevant lyrics to a song that paints a picture - there’s something for everybody in this trendy new Rap single that you’ll be sure to love. We initially discovered Omarcusgo back in early November with the release of his single ‘Done Up’, which offered a different sound and side of the artist. This track shows how polished Omarcusgo is and his music and flow will resonate with audiences all over. He has a knack for creating catchy hooks and his sound is pretty modern which is good. There’s a lot of good things in store for this artist! We can’t wait to hear more, you can follow him on SoundCloud to be the first to know about new releases from Omarcusgo!

Artist Sounds

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