PAx Noble - City Kid/Palm Dreams

PAx Noble

Listen to City Kid/Palm Dreams by PAx Noble on Juss Russ Radio. You may not be able to think of a major artist out of Massachusetts just yet, but rapper PAx Noble will soon be the artist that comes to mind and his new single City Kid/Palm Dreams is certainly a relatable detail of how he plans on chasing his dreams. His ability to use his lyrics to paint mental pictures will stun you and the phenomenal production on this track tops it off as a stellar masterpiece, with vintage sounding 808's and crystal clear vocals. According to 'PAx Noble' his mission is to simply speak the truth and be a beacon of light and a symbol for hope so that others who have gone through trials and tribulations as he have can find a way out. For most, the current music industry has become simply un-relatable due to the type of content that is put out for large consumption. Music is healing and healing is power. We need more music that gives hope and inspiration. You can get familiar with PAx Noble and connect with the artist on Soundcloud.