Pe$o - No Feeling

Check out “No Feeling” by Pe$o on Juss Russ Radio. Pe$o, a familiar name to us here at Juss Russ Radio these days released a new banger featuring young vocalist Amanda Bednorz entitled “No Feeling” for his listeners to enjoy on SoundCloud for free streaming. The song has only been available for about 3 days and the young hitmaker is already boasting over 4,000 organic plays on the record, so let me be the first to thank him for dropping it off here before it takes the world by storm. The record begins with a very relatable but in someways humorous telephone conversation between Pe$o and what seems to be his girlfriend. In typical “young love” fashion the two bicker back and forth about the fact that Pe$o has been out with the homies for a little too long and she’s becoming suspicious of his whereabouts. We all know that women have a sixth sense for the bulls*t, but Pe$o doesn't let that stop his flow and raps all about it for two minutes and fifty-four seconds blissfully. The beat on this track is a certified head rocker as it blends some very bright and glittery electronic synthesizer sounds with deep and cleanly mixed 808s to make this a trunk rattling experience or perfect for the party scene. Pe$o keeps the subject matter centered on his fast paced lifestyle for the majority of his verses and opens up the hook perfectly for Amanda Bednorz to showcase her vocal ability. I must say, her vocals compliment on this vibe as Pe$o provides the charismatic energy and perfect flow to keep you moving’ to this joint, then here comes Amanda to sprinkle the season on the top with the chorus. “Look at what we’ve made, we were meant for change” she sings beautifully as she stamps the song with the message of evolution and not being scared to embrace the process that comes along with it. So having said that, if you’re into music that stays true to the essence of Hip-Hop while still keeping a modern flavor at the foundation then the homie Pe$o has got plenty of tracks out there for you to love and get hip too. Stream “No Feeling” now on Juss Russ Radio and make sure you add Pe$o on SoundCloud to stay on his wave.

Braxton Harshaw

Braxton Harshaw is a writer for Artist Sounds and has been writing since 2016.