Petch - Paycheck


Check out Paycheck by Petch on Juss Russ Radio! Petch is an artist based in Orlando, Florida. This talented artist began producing music at the young age of 16, teaching himself to make beats and add melodies and lyrics over them. Focusing on understanding his own song rather than bow under the pressure of creating something great, Petch understands that the journey is more important than the destination, and he is constantly working to refine his work. His latest track, Paycheck, features the vocals of Petch's brother, Charles Meyer, and reflects Petch's signature style, centered around behind-the-beat rhythms and distorted synths. Paycheck shows how far Petch has come as an artist, and proves that this artist will go far in his career. Give it a listen on SoundCloud and keep an eye out for more of Petch's work.