Phyl Woods - I.D.N.Y.B (Prod. by Canis Major)

Phyl Woods

Listen to I.D.N.Y.B by Phyl Woods on Juss Russ Radio. Making his debut on to Juss Russ Radio is a r&b recording artist from South Florida looking to make a name for himself. Born in South Florida, residing in South GA Phyl Woods is a 23 year old that decided to take his talents to south beach to record "I.D.N.Y.B" growing up he always knew he had a special talent for music. According to Phyl Woods he never really took it seriously; even now to this day when he was recording " I Don't Need You Back" it wasn't really a song that he says he had to sit and write for days rather he did a freestyle to the first verse and went from there. Growing up rapping and dancing was always his thing and what he was known for back in high school and reflects on how singing is kind of new to him. For him singing kind of came around his days spent in middle school where he collected influences like MJ, Zapp & Roger, R.Kelly and grew in to influences like Chris Brown, Omarion and Drake. Currently Phyl is working on an upcoming work which he says will be an EP titled "On My Way" which is set to release sometime in 2016. You can get more familiar with Phyl Woods by connecting with the artist on his official Soundcloud page. 


Artist Sounds

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