P-Rich - Aint Nothing Given

Take a listen to “Ain’t Nothing Given” by P-Rich on Juss Russ Radio. If there’s one thing that I am appreciating seeing is a resurgence within the Hip-Hop community, both within the mainstream and independent scene, is the presence of music with a message. Up and coming Hip-Hop heavyweight, P-Rich is certainly one of the quiet leaders of this new renaissance with the Hip-Hop realm as his music often speaks on real life issues and social issues that effect us by the masses. His new single “Ain’t Nothing Given” certainly follows suit of this trend as the record sets in on the sentiment that nothing in life is granted through a handout. And if it is, should you even want it? P-Rich is apparently the type of artist that enjoys working hard for what he has and has earned all things he has up to this point in his life. It is this drive and character that he is able to let shine through on his tracks that make his music and sound so appealing. The fact that we still have artists out here like P-Rich that understand the importance of the music they release and the effect it has is special and setting a tone for a great era of music to fall upon us as time goes on. P-Rich is super active on SoundCloud so make sure you give him a follow if you enjoy his single! Stream “Ain’t Nothing Given” by P-Rich now on Juss Russ Radio.

Vinny Hughes

Vinny Hughes is a writer for the Artist Sounds network since 2017.