Puck shares new song called "Heartbroken"


Stop what you’re doing and stream the song “Heartbroken” by Puck on Juss Russ Radio. Hip Hop recording artist known as ‘Puck’ makes his first appearance on our music blog with an edgy and honest record worth that second listen. This song reeks of potential and offers fans of Hip Hop and Rap sonically everything they could want in a future favorite. The beat bangs, the lyrics are relevant and the hook is catchy. Puck uses the song ‘Heartbroken’ to share a unique perspective that makes incredible sense. Tired of being ‘heartbroken’ and wearing his heart on his sleeve, Puck ponders the idea of replacing the potential for a broken heart with short stinted relationships. Better yet he doesn’t even want to hear the word relationship right now - a long with wedding rings and love. Don’t sleep on this trendy new title and be sure to follow Puck on SoundCloud for more free listening.

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