Qua'Lay Soze - Resurrected "They Had Their Chance" (Mixtape)

Take a listen to “Resurrected: They Had Their Chance” (Mixtape) by Qua’Lay Soze on Juss Russ Radio. It’s been a minute but as always, emerging Hip-Hop maestro Qua’Lay Soze is here to deliver his new Mixtape entitled “Resurrected: They Had Their Chance” via Spinrilla. This project will serve as the first installment from Qua’Lay Soze this year and serves to be a worthy one to say the least. The record kicks off on an uptempo on the first record “Killah Season”, featuring the homie 9Chalant. Both emcees use this song as they should’ve and allowed this record to set the tone for the remainder of the project which comprises to be a short and concise snapshot into the current phase of life Qua’Lay Soze is finding himself in. Though this project features some Trap inspired production and modern-day Rap sounds, the flows and messages that Qua’Lay Soze includes on this project really enhance the overall quality of the entire body of work and give it a very classic aesthetic at first listen. The emerging emcee has done a great job up to this point of balancing his quality of music with the frequency of release. He seems to know exactly the right time to pop out with new sounds for his listeners and when to take a step back and let them live with it while absorbs new life experiences in order to create new vibes for them to enjoy. Follow Qua’Lay Soze on Spinrilla to stream the rest of the mixtape and take a deeper look into his catalog. Stream “Resurrected: They Had Their Chance” by Qua’Lay Soze now on Juss Russ Radio.