Qwanns'Ivory - Jealousy


Listen to Jealousy by Qwanns'Ivory on Juss Russ Radio. Qwanns'Ivory is a Hip-Hop artist from Youngstown, Ohio. This Duo given the opportunity will knock your socks off. The group recorded their first song in January 2017. They both bring incredible talent to the table Qwanns' striking lyrics and Ivorys' amazing vocals has set this dynamic duo for greatness. To take it a step further, to the naked eye their name is just a name. However when you dive deeper their name is extremely dynamic and with meaning, "ivory" means purity & innocence, meaning that Ivory is Qwann's peace and purity. Jealousy is for anybody that had friends turn their backs on them and start hating on them for chasing their dreams. It is for anyone that had to erase old friends from their lives due to negativity. For more from this incredible duo, connect with them on Soundcloud.