Q-XTRA - Do Your Own Thing

Do Your Own Thing Cover Art by Q-Xtra

Listen to Do Your Own Thing by Q-Xtra on Juss Russ Radio. Q-Xtra is an extremely talented artist born in to a family of previous musical talent. By age four, Q-Xtra was playing the drums.  His first rap?  He wrote it at age nine.   By age fourteen he was playing the alto sax, and while most sixteen year olds were daydreaming about getting their driver's license, Q had already written and produced his first album.  So did Q choose music or did music choose Q?  Either way, his abilities behind the mic are undeniable.  But make no mistake, Q wasn't born with a silver microphone in his hand.  The 28-year old has had to overcome many challenges as he set out on his own as an independent artist.  The uncertainty, literally holding his fate in his own hands.  There is no day job for a successful hip hop artist, it's all about the music. Learn more about Do Your Own Thing by Q-Xtra on Artist Sounds.