RanInThaCut - Major RanInThaCut (Ft. Major Wolf)

Listen to the song ‘Major RanInThaCut’ by RanInThaCut and Major Wolf on Juss Russ Radio. RanInThaCut is back and this time with a new jam he actually produced himself. He teams up with Major Wolf to help get his point across in this song that pays homage to his city but also the come up from the bottom. Having lived in Anchorage, Alaska - RanInThaCut hasn’t had it easy to say the least. So in this song he wanted to speak on what its like to walk a day in his shoes. He does a great job as does Major Wolf for lyrically helping tell a story and get that point across while still able to make a song that is catchy and will resonate with other listeners not from their city but can relate to the come up and hard times. This song has a lot of potential and we can’t wait to see where it ends up on our top charts!

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