Rasheed - White Rose

Take a listen to “White Rose” by Rasheed on Juss Russ Radio. Rasheed has been on a steady pace this year as he’s been dropping more content online for his fans to groove too. His latest single “White Rose” popped up on SoundCloud not long ago for free streaming and has already grossed over 4,000 streams on the platforms. “White Rose” is an ambient and aberrant jam that really utilizes melody and space to create a mood for listeners to enjoy. What I enjoyed most about this record is not only the wordplay Rasheed incorporates but also the versatility it displays within his creative pallet. Rasheed is no one trick pony and it seems as if he pushes to out-do his last release every time he drops something new. You have to appreciate an artist that has a monochrome mentality with their approach to music like Rasheed. It ensures that regardless of where music and sound goes, he’ll be right there with their own unique way to impact the culture and way we experience the Hip-Hop genre as a whole. Tap in and stream “White Rose” by Rasheed now on Juss Russ Radio and make sure you give him the follow on SoundCloud if you’d like to hear more from his catalog.