Real Talk (The Metaphor Messiah) - Across The World


Take a listen to a new song called “Across The World” by Real Talk ‘The Metaphor Messiah’, on Juss Russ Radio. Real Talk is a lyrical genius who uses his wordplay and authentic delivery style to captivate fans and listeners of Hip Hop across the world - no pun intended. Upon first listen you could hear the attention to detail that Real Talk ‘The Metaphor Messiah’ pays to every line and ultimately every word and cadence. If ‘Real Talk’ can keep up this momentum and continue making relevant records like this one — he will be on his way to the top and ultimately will have to be mentioned among the most relevant underground Hip Hop artist on the rise. We can’t wait to see where this song ends up on our charts. you can show your support for this record by sharing this post!

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