Reedus Maeqali - What We Do

Reedus Maeqali

Listen to What We Do by Reedus Maeqali on Juss Russ Radio. Making his debut on to Juss Russ Radio is a hip hop recording artist looking to make a name for himself. Reedus Maeqali is a 21-year old artist from Boston that started making music when he was 15. In December 2015 he released his first EP titled Those Who Wait and on its heels, the second EP title "Yung Qali"  dropped recently in Summer 2016. "What We Do" written and performed by Reedus Maeqali and Produced by HellaSketchy is a 3 minute and 5 second track letting the listener know essentially what Reedus Maeqali does with his homies and what he does himself just in general. The song is the third song on the Yung Qali EP and it has potential to be another break out track on the EP.


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