Reko Foreva - Her Vibes (Mixtape)

Reko Foreva

Take a moment and listen to Her Vibes (Mixtape) by Reko Foreva on Juss Russ Radio. Reko Foreva is a upcoming Mixtape artist all the way from Mississippi. Reko released Her Vibes to show that they can capture a female audience, not just male. This Mixtape consist of diverse songs ranging from My Favorite One to Richer From Rags. They do an excellent job of being painters and bringing this tale to life for the listener. Since it's release on Spinrilla this has gotten over 20,000 views, 8000 plays and 1200 downloads! Male or Female, the listeners are loving this tape and giving rave reviews. To stay up to date with the latest from Reko Foreva, be sure to connect further by following him on Spinrilla.