Rella - Maybe


Listen to Maybe by Rella on Juss Russ Radio! Rella is a Rapper coming to us all the way from New Zealand. Admitting there were some outside sources to influence the creation of this young man such as LSD, Codeine and the infamous Biggie Smalls. Each factor in that fateful equation would forever impact Rella's personality and his music. Acid for the creativity, codeine for the chill, Biggie for the aspiration and the leather back seat as a reminder that in life you can only go forward, especially if there are no seat belts. Today Rella is much more than your typical hip hop artist. Known for bending modern beats with old school lyricism and new school chill; he carries with him the style and distinction that is unlike any other. Give this song a like and then be sure to connect further by subscribing to him on Soundcloud.