Ryan Drews - Overdose

Stream “Overdose” by Ryan Drews on Juss Russ Radio. Here today representing San Diego, CA is up and coming Dance-hall artist Ryan Drews. One thing that is certain, over the last 3 years we have seen a large surge of Dance-hall music being pushed through the mainstream. This new wave has been opening the door for artists such as Ryan Drews to really blossom into the forefront as well as helped to evolve the traditional sound of Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop music entirely. Ryan Drews has been a steady incline since the beginning of 2019, releasing a few sings here and there in order to keep his core fan base at bay while he prepares a strategy to grasp some attention on a mass level. His newest release “Overdose” is all about a fatal attraction that Ryan has come by and can’t get enough of. A very common theme in today’s society though he expresses it in a different light as we see so many Instagram memes and Twitter conversation about toxic and unstable relationships being the new “thing” to boast about or play victim too. Either side of the spectrum you may set on, Ryan Drews is here to provide an soundtrack to the games we all tend to play when it comes to relationships and romance these days. Check out his new single “Overdose” on Juss Russ Radio today and be sure to stay in the loop by following Ryan Drews on SouundCloud as well.